Light out

Light out

Light out…
Dawn like a faulty clock stuck to dusk
As darkness awoke slumber –
Pillowed by nightmarish mares.
We can no longer tell the difference.

Friendly pests, raised a lullaby
Mused by blood-spattered pain;
They joy in glutton’s delight,
Until restless hands put them to sleep.

Yet, the music streamed on.

Light on…
Sight once sane in the shadows,
Now blurred in daylight’s fury.
Day becomes a kind of night
And night, a kind of day,
But we still can’t tell the difference.

And as truth begins to sprout,
Light out.

16 thoughts on “Light out” by Dammy Keke (@dammy2k2)

  1. These poets won’t kill me in this place. My head is full oh! *Running away.* Yargh! Oh! *Peeks back in* Nice poem by the way. *Runs away screaming again*

  2. @Raymond,
    It seldom starts suddenly,
    It starts like this
    Just like this,
    Then the clothes are torn
    And to the streets you take.
    Madness comes gradually

    1. Hmm….*scratching my chin*…U seem to be talking from experience…

      1. Confirm.

        Kaycee knows what he’s talking about…

    2. @kaycee you no lie at all @raymond maybe you are right

  3. I can see that Kaycee is a poet, lol.

    Plenty of poems today sha, I like this one.

  4. A1 bro. i liked the poem big time. lots of literary devices. this is the kind of poem i would like to use as a study poem in a school LIT class

  5. This is the kinda poem you describe as sweet.

    Well done.

  6. Lol @ Raymond. Glad you came back. Yes, this was written from experience. The Nigerian experience if you…light out!

  7. @Kaycee: Madness could just be a synonym for being ‘creative’. Lol! I like ur short…light out!

  8. @Myne: Teh lgihts keesp giong off adn on. Jsut wnated to sya thnaks.

  9. @Xikay: Thanks bruv. I had to type this hastily before the…light out!

    *Using candle light* Now, I am sure everyone knows what part of the world I am writing from. *sad face*

    1. No be sad face you suppose get o…na huge smiley face you suppose get. Huge one…because coming from Nigeria is a blessing.

      God bless Nigeria. I mean that.

      1. a very fresh and big blessing

  10. @Seun-Odukoya: *Straining my eyes in the dark to type this* Thanks bruv.

  11. Bless you!!! Kinda poems I luv to read.

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