Keep the Hope Alive

Keep the Hope Alive

The storming Sea
the Storming Sea

This clashing waves of the sea
That blocks my view ahead to see.
The cloudy storming gale that rails
And the wind that assails my sails
On this return voyage to my abode;
Tells me that no matter the strain on the road,
The hope must be kept alive.

Should I wait at sea?
Allowing the gale to recede;
Or, forge ahead in the wind
Trusting the charts all along?
The first pick may capsize my boat
Others too, but no matter what,
The hope will be kept alive.

Though the journey may be rough;
And the dream, unattainable seems;
I will hold unto the hope that drives me on.
Though is hard to see ahead
And the voyage on the edge of peril be
Yet, with the chart and the compass
The hope will be kept alive.

@2010, AJAYI Olayide
(07/07/2010  LNG RIVERS)

7 thoughts on “Keep the Hope Alive” by AJAYI Olayide (@olayide)

  1. Short and nice. An inspirational piece. Well done here.

  2. Hey…nice piece. A few errors tho.

    ‘this waves…that blocks…

    Should be…’these waves that block’…

    Nice one.

  3. Since u were drawing the picture of a sea voyage, the mention of ‘road’ in the sixth line should have bee,, ‘way’ or some other synonym aside from ‘road’.
    A nice poem indeed.

  4. Well done on this encouraging lines.

    I agree with Kaycee on the use of road. I know it is common use, but that’s all the more reason to use a synonym in a poetic piece.

  5. good lines. you did well. watch out for the typos…. i wonder, why did you struggle to get the first stanza rhymed and then the rest were just like that…its good but it dropped my high expectation

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