I Love You.

I Love You.

–From my heart to yours–Gboyega Otolorin–June 2011.


He walked up to Charity

Said to her ‘I love you’

Because he wanted to prove a point

Because they told him he couldn’t get her


They told him Charity was a church sister

Who always said her virginity

Would go to her husband

Her earthly lord and master


Charity looked at him

A sad smile

‘You don’t know the first thing about love’

She said

‘Let me teach you’


“Love suffers long, it is patient

So I ask

Will you still be here

If I am crippled, and stinking, and vile

And dying of AIDS?


Love is kind

It is not cruel

It does not wish to dominate

Other people


Love does not envy

And that is why you are here

Isn’t it

I have something

Something you lost

Long ago

Now you want to steal mine

Drag me under

To the place where you are


Love is not proud

Yes, you have charm

But don’t you know

It is a gift

What you have is a gift

Because so many other people who are better

Who should

Don’t have it


Love does not boast

It knows its place

Among those quiet sober things

Because when you lose what you boast about

Then what remains to define you?


Love is not rude

Like you

With your mouth full of F-words

Love is proper

Not offensive

Always trying to make people feel better

Not worse

Love does not seek outrage


Love is not selfish

Why are you here?

You want to seduce me

And cause tears


That is not love

That is hatred

Pure selfishness

Completely untainted


Selfishness is a hateful monster

That will do anything to others

Just to satisfy its desire


Love is slow to anger

Not easily provoked

Not furious like you

Breaking bottles

Smashing bones

What you did when that guy

Called Chelsea a fake club


Love thinks no evil

Harbours nothing deceitful

It is not suspicious

It does not question

It trusts


Like what happened

With you and Christy


You are shocked

You thought a sister like me

Would not know


Listen here

I may not be of the world

But I am in the world

Though love hates lies

It sees the truth

I do not judge on a whim


I know what happened

With you and her

Everybody knows

The story was everywhere


What she did to you

And how she lied to you

Calling all those men her uncles

And all those boys were just friends too

And you followed her everywhere

Puppy dog eyes


Till you realized

What you thought was a blessing

Was a complete disguise


So in bitterness and fury

A storm was formed

And out of it

The new you emerged

The bigger better player

When it came to women

An expert manipulator


But Love is truth

It does not play games

Love is honesty

Without and within


Love bears all things

All those hurts and offences

Love forgives

Wipes the slate clean of all sentences

Of blame


Love believes

Even when it has been let down before

Loves hopes


This time

Maybe it’ll turn out better

Love endures

To the end


Love never fails

It is the solution

It is the only way

To live”


He was speechless

Stunned and staring at her


Sister Charity leaned in close

And said

“I love you too”

14 thoughts on “I Love You.” by Gboyega Otolorin (@guywriterer)

  1. WOW
    I don’t know what words to use but if this poem aint a perfect one with a whole lot of lessons and moral in tween then I am sure it is close
    I love every line, every word and the way you made a story and a lesson out of this beautiful piece
    And the shocker was she even loved him in return after all that long story
    Love na wa o.

  2. Lovely!lovely!!lovely!!! Felt every line of this poem,especially the twist at the end.

    Well done!!!

  3. Too much long story…

    1. I don’t think its too much sir, several points had to be gotten out you know.

  4. @paul and mr lawal, thanx for the compliments. I appreciate u guys men.

    As 4 mr joseph, well, i tried to make it shorter but… Any suggestions?

    1. There’s no reason or excuse why you should try to make it shorter, it will certainly reduce the quality of this piece and also show you don’t believe in these lines which I am not sure is what your intentions are
      Kip them coming

  5. Wow…Na only Jesus fit give person the Grace to love like that. Lovely…

    1. Na true you talk raymond.

  6. the simplicity of the poem for me is the most beautiful thing about it. the concept of love has eluded many and we can never explain it fully, except with the language of the heart.

    i really did enjoy this poem. MESSAGE: love and love true

  7. wow. excellent work.

  8. Bros. As in.

    As in…I am speechless.

    As in.

    But the breaking of the lines took me off kilter for a bit…but vyou do well.

    As in…

    1. @Seun-odukoya, the breaking of the lines, a peculiar case of enjambment, it what gives it structural beauty for me. try reading it the way it was broken, you might find out that you’ll like it better.

  9. Ended in a beautiful way.

  10. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l
    Absolutely Beautiful
    Absolutely Lovely.
    Gboyega,this is nice,very nice.
    Well done!
    I really love this..
    Have I said how lovely this is?
    Very lovely!

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