How can I get published?

How can I get published?

August 2010,

Dear Myne,

Congrats on your one year anniversary, it actually looks like I’ve been reading Myne Whitman for like 3 years,

I have been meaning to ask, how do I go about being/learning to be an author, its not like I consider myself much of a good writer, but good or not, I have some little things I write every now and then and I dream of publishing them someday.

I don’t want to keep thinking about it all on my own, just said to ask some more established writers like you people.

I work as an Engineer, I speak more with figures and drawings, so English sef na difficult thing. but writing as always been a dream…….you want to help me start off?



Thanks on your email. It is readers like you that has brought the blog so far, maybe I would have fallen off without supporters, who knows?

To be a writer is not too hard, one just have to keep writing. For this, there are a lot of resources out there on the web and you can also buy some books that help. Personally, I am still taking some online courses and the exercises that come with them have been a great help. Check out some of them here.

To be an author on the other hand, you have to find a publisher. I was able to publish myself but that is not easiest, nor the only possible way in the industry. Usually, you send in your manuscript to already established publishing companies until one of them buys it and gives you a contract. That way they handle all the more time consuming chores of publicity and marketing of your book while you continue writing.

Also, if you can direct me to your blog, I can help by drawing publicity your way. Also I can read and comment on your work. If you want a wider audience, you may check out It is a website I set up for aspiring Nigerian writers and is really bustling. As time goes on, I intend to send out short stories published there for national and international contests.

I wish you all the best.




These days I prefer not to go to individual blogs, and will promote any story posted here automatically on my Twitter (1,500 followers) and on the NaijaStories Facebook Group (1250 members). If I really like the story, I will also share on my personal FB wall, retweet, and  make comments/critique. I am just one person and cannot read every post, but each story here receives an average of 10 relevant comments. What anyone serious about publishing should do is to read each and every comment on their post, take the critique you can work with, and thank the others for theirs.

For those who think they’re ready for the next step, some Nigerian publishers include, and Dadabooks. While there are many UK and US based publishers, most accept only agented queries, check out to find an agent in your preferred field; and check out Preditors and Editors for recommended publishers and those to avoid.

All the best people.

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  1. Great post and advice. Writing is the easy bit. Getting published – another kettle of fish.

  2. @admin, keep this up. i ditto you totally on the UPDATE part

  3. Very helpful stuff as usual, thanks. Mayne you said you intend sending out short stories for contests, sometimes in the future…no such plans for poems? Abi you no like we poets?

    1. We will do the same for poetry if and when we identify the competitions. Interested poets could also bring them to the site admin’s attention.

  4. This is a prevailing matter, was here before us, will be here after us. In all I guess we need to keep finding reasons to write, and work hard at being better. Explore possibilities and conquer altogether. Thanks Myne!

  5. Nice post…thank!

  6. Thank U for the ‘Update’ Myne!!!

  7. okay…and the possibilities abound..

    Thank you for sharing.

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