Heartless  Earth

Heartless Earth

Oh earth,
What spittle
Do you spat back to man?

Visiting your worst quakes
On the poorest west

What rain runs
Your stomach
To vomit rage on women

Crushing souls
With your collapsing soles?

Criss-cross cracking
Bold building breaking
Wounded wills weeping

Decimating lives
In a rumble of white bodies
Buried to your strange appetite

You unearth earth
To eat your heart

Sanctuary of Martyrdom
Where flesh mingle with dust

Your pain
Shall be the hand
That shall wipe our many tears to come

Your lost
Shall seed the crushed wombs
With offspring to fight
The earth to come

May your crumbled souls rest
Where stones shall be no more.

24 thoughts on “Heartless Earth” by Uche (@uwadinachi)

  1. Very touching.

    Criss-cross cracking
    Bold building breaking
    Wounded wills weeping—- my best lines

    1. Uche (@uwadinachi)

      @Kaycee, hmmm, thanks

  2. Nice rhymes…and i feel your intent. But somehow i don’t connect to the emotion…

    maybe it’s just me. I like your rhymes…and it’s simple.

    Well done.

    1. Uche (@uwadinachi)

      @Seun, somehow you will maybe on a next read, thanks

  3. And sorry…but is the ‘Haiti’ part a second poem?!?!

    1. Uche (@uwadinachi)

      it’s okay, it’s not

  4. i like your rhymes too. especially the ones kaycee pointed out

    is ‘do you spat back to man’ grammatically correct?

    1. Uche (@uwadinachi)

      @CerebrallyBusy, yes that particular word was conscious, my focus was much more narrowed in achieving a target which connects in my general style and this unfortunately doesn’t not pay loyalty to common grammatical principles. Am very grateful for your observation. Thanks

  5. I enjoyed it…the sing-song bit.

  6. may all d souls of all those whu were lost at these disasters rest in perfect peace…may they find the joy which they couldnt find or enjoy here….AMEN..nice one

  7. What a touching tribute to Haiti, your description very apt!

    1. Uche (@uwadinachi)

      That my heart for Haiti, yeah, thanks Myne

  8. A touching tribute, I feel the pains of the haitians reading this, I will never even pray for my enemies to experience that.

  9. even the picture alone has said the story.

    destruction everywhere but i want to say it was brought on by the hands of men.

  10. Earth!
    Criss-cross cracking
    Bold building breaking
    Wounded wills weeping

    I loved this.


    1. @raymond, why the focus on this portion of the poem. why do you do follow follow of @kaycee

      1. That was the best part for me naa!

  11. Haiti!
    God bless you man.

  12. Nice piece,Uche.
    Love the part Ray and Kaycee loved too…
    (Xikay can go to hell..hahaha)

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