flashes of inspirations…

flashes of inspirations…

all hail the chief calabash

as he goes about in his swaggering moves

donning his usual regalia of shame

telling the polity a pseudo tale of hope.peace and prosperity

power becomes intoxicating

the rule of man must not seize…

the oyo mesi s scold the akapo

his oral cavity not enough to alter a dime of words…

they themselves become the shadow of past glory

they care less about the tenets of the founding fathers

national cake becomes a private property

people’s treasury becomes theirs to treasure…

the agidigbo drum sounds at the central

the council of elders so so ungrateful

peradventure the boat sinks,not with him alone…J.E.G.A blasts

mixed reactions,everybody gets a free ride on the tortoise’s back…no room for J.E.G.A

babariga pleads for J.E.G.A, but for a fifth scores…

the polity alerted

…yet they will not be fooled again

the battle line already drawn

crude oil at the booths

kano cum bauchi become a yardstick

time alone will not be able to tell…

6 thoughts on “flashes of inspirations…” by jlde (@jekyll)

  1. This of course is a message we’d heard over and over again, but the powers that be are loath to listen. Once again the voice of the poet has sounded out, as the Bible says,” let he who has ears hear!”

  2. The Nigerian story; when will it change? What a pity! Well told.

  3. Hahaha
    Our daily story told again from a poetic pen

  4. tanx for all the comments…

  5. No offense but It’s not an exceptional poem. It’s a topic that has been flogged to death; and the telling; i did not find it engaging.

    It’s okay tho.

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