This poem really is a tongue-in-cheek for the fact that I’ve been gone for a while away from this site. That’s on the surface! Deeper than that is the fact that it is an expression of an experience…or rather a series of experiences that actually took my attention from here, and other things as well. The grace of God is so real…or you could say surreal. Whichever one you settle for, you’ll be right!


Come back

Is what I heard

Come back, The Shephered cried out

To me, the lost sheep that ran away from his herd

My grace still flows like a river, it’s not dried out


Sink deeper that you’ve ever done


Enjoy it, it’s a gift

It’s not like the lottery, not a whim

So you can’t say you ever won


Everything back, that you’ve ever won

Yeah, tough, it’s combat

Come bat-tle, grab a sword

It’s the Spirit in you, the living WORD

Not you, no, you are soon about to die

It’s painful, let’s see how much you’ll cry

Come back

It’s so you can make a comeback

Run back

Into my arms, it’s open wide

Come back, I’m God, you can trust

The operation begins, it’s a must

If you want to be free from your lust

The spear has been thrust

Look at your broken side

Be-gin to wean off of you every thing

This is a process to make you clean

Come back,

It’s just so you could make a comeback

It’s not easy, no it’s not even pleasing

But it’s something needful

And yet it pricks the tenderness of my soul, a sharp needle!

My will is not mine anymore, it’s HIS!

Follow absolutely his will, how can I MISS?

It’s a comeback for me to come back

Combat is still not done yet, but I made a comeback!




17 thoughts on “Comeback” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. Lovely and inspirational poem Ayokunle, a lost soul trying to find his way home. There’s no home like in HIS presence, and if you also missd this place as a home, welcome back.

    1. Indeed bro, no home like in HIS presence. Thanks bro. Glad to be back :)

  2. Welcome back. @ all heed this gospel.

    1. Thanks, Glad to be back. Hope all heeds the gospel truly :)

  3. ‘Comeback…so U can make a comeback.’
    Welcome back bro…

    1. Mr Raymond, thanks, appreciate it :)

  4. @ayokunle..well done. this is a very powerful message here, hope we all can heed the call. nice diction, intermittent rhymes and a few allusions…you did great

    welcome back bro. i’m glad my message got to you.

    1. @Xikay, the guy I’m trying so hard to be like in this poetry thing :) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…you are far too kind Sir. And I got your message, in spirit abi?, lol. Thanks :)

      1. become like me? you are a damn good writer (not just poet)…both of us are trying to be the best we can be

  5. Very soothing, kudos!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you find it soothing. We all need that peace :)

  6. The simplicity of grace is in itself complex to understand..absolutely loved this..

    1. Thanks…and I do agree as well that the simplicity of grace is in itself complex to understand.

  7. The word play…while not too brilliant.

    Nice comeback.

    I think you should have pput the inspiration AFTER the poem. Reading it first kinda dulls the effect.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks for that man. I think that’s something I need to start working on now. I need to start thinking about my writings, I was not thinking about the effect placing the “inspiration” before would have on the poem. I’ve had problem sitting down to think about what to write and how to write stuff. I just sit in front of the computer, or hold a pen in my hand and I write…I don’t care if it’s rubbish or not…I just follow a train of thought and pour out that train of thought on paper or computer. Another problem is I don’t edit afterwards. I need to actually start caring…

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