Are online courses helpful for writing?

Are online courses helpful for writing?

Hello Myne,

I’m a fan of your blog and your writing. Lately, I realise I have many ideas that I’d like to write down but can’t seem to be articulate. I remember a previous post in which you mentioned that you took free writing lessons. Could you please recommend any online programme?

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This is a link I bookmarked two years ago and which I refer to on a regular basis.

When I started out then, I found the Creative Writing Suite 101 course very useful, as well as the Write what you know from the Open University UK.

I have moved on since then to the editing parts, but you can pick and choose as they suite you.

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14 thoughts on “Are online courses helpful for writing?” by Myne (@Myne)

  1. Very helpful, will look up that link too as I also need to get better.

  2. Thanks Myne. I think I need this.

  3. online writing courses are very good. i have done a couple of courses online too, free one. sites like

    they will give a wide range of material and lessons

    1. Wow, whole lotta links, nice that you put the here, twill help a lot of us

      1. i really hope so, i got some help from a couple of them

  4. I never really used these sites much….I think this will help for those who really need to get started. Click away people, and learn the art.

    1. sometimes when i find a stumbling block on my path, a quick peek at some of the online resource bases could be helpful

  5. I hope I find the online sites helpful. Thanks all.

  6. Thanks Mayne and everyone. I sure do need all the help I can get. This is why naijastories feel like home every time I visit!

  7. Would look at the links,especially the free ones…..*wink*

    Thanks Myne!

  8. Nice one, Myne. I will try the site out. Thank you also, xikay, for posting those site.

  9. I vvil look them up as well…I still got a lot to learn….

  10. good. I think I need the sites too

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