connections and promises

compel us

to wait,

asking and placing



Certificates we’ve got,


(of five years and above)

we lack,

having just NYSC

of 365 days!


Now and then

we feed on rumours and truths,

you are there

I am here,

felicitations and prayers,

some tensions, some laughters.


Career plans

or desperations,

endless queues

from yesterday to tomorrow,

we in the middle, today,

applicants all!


21 thoughts on “Applicants” by Kabura Zakama (@fulanipoet)

  1. dint work for me sha..

    nice one bro

  2. What called my attention to this was the title, but after reading through, it didn’t quite catch on. I would have liked it to be a bit more intrinsic.

    1. The write-up was pretty self-explanatory to me. What do you mean by intrinsic?

      1. I don’t know if he wanted Oga Kabura to hide the meaning under the table…

    2. @scopeman60 i think the poem worked out just fine for me @myne i think he was referring to the almost straight nature of the poem. he wanted a bit of literary devices thrown in. i must admit that they are few

  3. I got the message. It was clear but this could have worked better as an article. Just an opinion anyway.

  4. Thank u jare Myne. What do u mean by ‘intrinsic’, @scopeman?

    1. @gboyega intrinsic refers to inner value. this poem is very good no doubt. nice message, agreable diction and all. however you must agree that it is somewhat too fluid. the poem would have been richer if a few figures of speech were added

  5. Got a different interpretation to this one. Seems the poet was using the applicant’s case to explain the cycle of life which we are all caught in.

  6. I agree the poem was clear and I liked it also, but by intrinsic I meant that it could have had more soul if it were a bit more involving .

    1. This is even worse than ur initial comment. This is his poem, you don’t expect him to write your mind. When you write urs, get as intrinsic and involved as u like. *winks*.

    2. Involving how and who?

  7. I hope the problems come to an end…or at least reduce, someday…

  8. Please guys, let everyone be feel to speak up. My only take is that contributions should be helpful with illustrations of what we are trying say!

  9. I think the line “of 365 days!” is unecessary since it’s already embodied in NYSC…an alternative might be “having just NYSC/ for the latter” or “as experience” just my thought though…

    1. @Ajayi, I see the usage of “of 365 days!” in the peom as not only an emphasis, or tautology, but a portrayal of Nigerian employers’ habit of capitalizing on inconsequential so as to deny you a job you rightly qualify for.

      Also, it explains to non-Nigerian what NYSC is compare to other degree requirements.

    2. @ajayi, what is the function of REPETITION in poetry…that line did it for me…

  10. Nice one there!
    this poem put me in memory lane, the experience of Nigerian graduates. I could feel the stress and pain as if ’twas yesterday – test after test, quene after quene, interview here and there…yet as we were made believe…’nigeria factor’ is what determine the successful one. glory to God sa…through it all, Nigerian youth are still making it.

    keep it up mate!

  11. oga kabura, i remember when i was filling a job application 2 years ago and i couldn’t fill anything in the work experience because they said POST nysc categorically.

    i like the poem a lot. especially because it is very simple and direct… a little flesh could have been added in terms of figures of speech and other literary devices

    1. Thank you, Xikay! Will work on your suggestion.

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