A Dream

A Dream

He tosses around the bed sheets, hands clutching the pillow,

As his closed eyes see another dimension, a whole new world.

He turns and hits his bed mate,

Nothing, absolutely nothing was going to take him away from this new world.

Not even rapture was going to stop him from completing this dream.


The only time he lives is when his eyes are closed.

The only time he is alive is when the night is nigh and he stumbles to the bed.

For as his head hits the wooden pillow and he hurriedly kills the demonic mosquitoes,

The last thing he forgets is his bed mate snores,

And the first thing the remembers is the crowd cheering at him,

As he closes those eyes.


He is standing on a stage and the spot light is on him,

There is someone running around, setting things in order

He looks familiar maybe in another life, he was his boss.

Besides him stands the most angelic being he has ever seen,

Whispering into his ears, I am proud of you baby.

She looks familiar too, maybe in another life she was his neighbour.

Crowd cheering like he was the messiah,

People holding banners saying ‘Thank God for creating you’.

People holding banners saying ‘You are our hero’.

People holding banners saying ‘You are a blessing to our generation’.

People holding banner saying ‘You have blessed our lives’.

Fathers holding banners saying ‘I wish my son was like you’.

Sons holding banners saying ‘I wish my father was like you’.

Mothers holding banners saying ‘I wish my husband like you’.

Daughters holding banners saying ‘I wish he was like you’.


Soaking in on everything,

It was like waking up in the middle of paradise,

And he stops his thoughts suddenly, no waking up!

I do not want to wake up!

And he hears a voice behind him saying,

It is time, and everywhere was silent.

He looks at the podium and skims through the pages in front of him.

The words look too familiar,

The handwriting looks even more familiar,

I know these words he says to himself,

In another world, they could have been my thoughts.

He looks up, and everyone was looking at him,

He holds the microphone to his mouth and all they could hear were his heart beats.

He looks at the paper, and nothing could come out of his mouth,

He looks at the crowd and they all stared right back at him, waiting.

And still, all they could hear was his heart beat.

This cannot happen to me again, he screams inside,

And he tells them what he has been telling them ever since,

Please wait, tomorrow would be different.


And the little child in front of the stage asked him,

When is tomorrow?

He looks at the child and as he opened his mouth,

The mosquito bit him again, and he was wide awake,

To reality!


18 thoughts on “A Dream” by somto (@somto)

  1. Nice one Somto and very creative too. Kindly watch out for one or two typos. Good job.

  2. @Igwe: Thank you :) I will watch out for the typos..Thanks :)

  3. Nice piece Somto, real creative too, like the idea and the story in tween.

  4. nice work..like the parts where u were like..in another life she could have been his neighbour…

  5. @Anderson: I am glad you liked it :)
    @Febby: you know! at least even if he does not get the gist of his dream, let him go and marry the woman…lol

  6. @ somto,I noticed the humour. Lol he should marry that neighbour.

  7. @Kaycee: I am glad you noticed it the humour :)

  8. @somto is back and hot. this is very good well done

  9. @xikay: Thank you!!! :):)

  10. I enjoyed going on the dream journey with you, and that mosquito should be arrested, lol..

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Kill dat mosquito b4 going to bed next time oh!

  12. @Raymond: lol…But you know how those mosquitoes are..they have a rapid reproduction cycle…lol..Kill one and ten is unleashed..lol

  13. This is one of those stories whose typos I can close my eyes to, because I like the story. Don’t we all want to dream like that sometimes?

  14. @Tola: I am glad you liked it.. I would watch out for the typos next time! :)

  15. **So sorry,the above comment was a mistake**

    Okay,the real comment…(Lol)
    Somto,this is very lovely and creative,and what a dream….I love the idea,hope his dream come true someday….may be in another life..hahaha

    1. No prob dear..thank you for d comment (both of em’)..lol..:)

  16. creative and refreshing. I love reading stuffs that I just never thought of writing. u gud!
    watch your tenses though like : Besides him stands the most angelic being he has ever seen,
    Beside… u know…yeah, could be the typos.
    thanks 4 a refreshing reading!

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