Upon My Path

Upon My Path

Lighten my path, oh lord.tat i may journey tis world with ease.
Erase my past,
That i may walk beside you in peace.
Make my sail smooth and plain.
Take me on to a higher plane.
When i sleep,
Wake me up.
When i slip,
Refill my cup.
These shadows i see through the panes.
Take them away and help me overcome its pains.
Help me believe,
And in you only,trust.
Be my guide,my light,my beacon.

Upon my path,
I seek your eyes.
Within my heart,
I seek your light.
Cant journey this world alone,
Dont leave me fragile and error prone.
Make me honest,steadfast and just.
That i may wholeheartedly,fulfill your cause.
Lighten my path,
Night and day,
Let me revel in this art,
Dwell in you till my dying days.

7 thoughts on “Upon My Path” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. ok, u are undoubtedly deep. i like this.

  2. thank you Remi…

  3. Loved the deep philosophical tone. Good poem.

  4. Thank you Jay.thats the idea.

  5. Reads like a heartfelt prayer. Had a certain ring to it; almost songlike. Its a prayer I identify with.
    I hear poems were originally sung; well this one sure qualifies.

    1. you are kinda right
      there are poem that are meant to be performed like songs.
      this is more like a prayer.
      thank you.

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