I want to write
For as long as I can breathe
I want to reason
For as long as I am free

So I think I am free
Yet there are still hidden cages
That bound me and would not loose me
Still in these constrainnts
I strive to write, unbridled, unrestricted

Pleasure, feelings that go through me when I write
So like the after taste of a lover’s kiss
smile of a happy bride for groom

So I keep writing
I tire not
Continue writing
It pleases me to no end
There I am free to come and go as I please
I am the master of the pen
My most lethal weapon

Let me ease your pain with what I write
Let me fight for you with my pen
Let me conquer wars writing tirelessly
Let me show you how I feel writing
Let me kiss you with my writing
Let me hate you with my pen
Let me keep you safe with my words

Only through writing am I whole
What is this?
All so the writing is free
As free as I am I would write
And never more so would I stop

12 thoughts on “Unbridled” by 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

  1. Would like to see how you’d kiss me with your writing. Really passionate poem. Good. The kiss… lol.

  2. @ Jaywriter hehehehehehe you would want that uhu?
    Thanks though, lol

  3. The power inherent in the heart of the one whose hand holds the pen. Nice!

  4. @ abby.. Thank you so very much..

  5. beautiful poem
    keep writing please.

    1. you are welcome.
      you write well and i admire your writings.

  6. Still waiting for the kiss oh.

    1. Jaywriter, wetin na. You seem to light up at the mention of a kiss. Or is that what it takes to get your muse up and running? lol

      2cute: Great response!

  7. K.. keep waiting..

  8. i felt the passion in this poem, nice

  9. Master of the pen! Take am easy O!

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