To good I am, for the likes of you
You think you will call my name, and I will swoon
Lie your lie, my life I will carry out
Even your truth is no substance to me
Do as you say you do, and me would have no shame
Carry on with yourself
Leave me as whatever I choose me be
You think you own my life that is not yours

Your words have no weight of water here
Carry on as you would. I have.
Come with your cry of passion saying I am your life
Fool! I am a better woman than that.

6 thoughts on “Un-like” by (@)

  1. Thank goodness you’re this kind of woman. One of Shakespeare’s xter’s said something like – I’d rather have a dog bark than a man say he loves me. The opposite happened at last. You know what me means? Good poem, loved it.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm
    real interesting and thoughtful piece here.
    gave me something to think of.

  3. Hehehe strong independent woman, I hail oh. Actually, that’s one of the ways the poem read to me. It also read of someone who’s taking charge of her life and I absolutely salute that. I had thought it was going to end with an ‘I un=like you’ but hey what do I know? “Fool! I am a better woman than that.” works the magic wella. Good job!

  4. Thanks so much for all the wonderful feedback. I apologize that this is late but better late than never. You guys totally get it :)

  5. There’s an undertone of hurt and bitterness…c’est la vie. Good one.

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