The lovely tune

The lovely tune

A lovely tune played and she listened
Out of the bloom and into the ears
Ever soft subtle and sweet
Carefree she was
From the deserts and into the water falls
Not a foe and not a friend
For a friend is a cliché
a communal acquaintance
From a drop of hello to an ocean of words
Meaningful and goofy words
Of Laughter, fun, care, excitement
Curiosity, secrets, revelations, amusements, trifling
With no heart in consideration
A minute missed seemed like tormenting days

Intoxication replaced control
No holds barred, no holding back ,and free
It seemed like a historical chemistry
Thru the season, the weather changed its course
And the lovely summer can’t be diverse
From winter or rain
The crystal clear skies to a fog
Thought the tune that played was a familiar one
Till the lyrics and vibes changed course
Whirlpool of thots and questions hang in the air…
Was the tune ever played…?
The wonderful rainbow has turned into a dark cloud
The beautiful colors slowly fade away
Ol hopes of the song bein different has faded
Just memories
Memories of the lovely tune…..

Hakuna matata…

4 thoughts on “The lovely tune” by Balak Team (@Queen-bee)

  1. On typos – that’s good plus good poem too. So, what changed?

  2. Queen-bee (@Queen-bee)

    Merci…. :) but i dont get ur question….wots changed wia..or how ?

  3. i saw hope,love and piece within this poem but it kind of changed at the end yet the beauty of the beginning was just enough to make me love this piece.

  4. Queen-bee (@Queen-bee)

    Thanx Andersn….yes d start was sweet nd ol bt it ended in a cold way.dats a tale of my heart :)..glad u lykd it!

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