The Dog Wishes He Had Horns

The Dog Wishes He Had Horns

When I was an okada man
In Ala-Owerri
I saw Otokoto in a white
And I told him
We should swap wheels
For a second
I wanted to be Otokoto

The dog wants to live in a pen
And goats wish kernels were
their Aso-rock
That’s how day and night
Earth and the clouds negotiate
To take each other’s place,
Have the other’s wives
And feed the other’s children

Where dogs do have horns
The rock grows on their own head
And they are dogs with horns
Like my grandmother’s goats
The goats that do not bark
But eat igu-nkwu and grasses
The grasses that are beautiful
without thorns

8 thoughts on “The Dog Wishes He Had Horns” by Ofor (@Dim)

  1. i love this piece cos of the humorous way you put it down and the original African in every line.

  2. The insatiable need of man to be what he’s not; wanting to be like him today, like her tomorrow. Like the africaness to it. Well done.

  3. Very funny but also very true..nice one!

  4. I started writing poetry with Ofor Aluka…I also read this piece when it first came fully made…
    …I’m not surprised my naija/Igbo brother based in Gabon has his words in his hands…still

  5. all true, all very true. I have the same believes too.

  6. Ofo ka ejula ji aga n’ogwu!


  7. Nice. Very very nice and spiced up with good humor too. @ostar, well done.

  8. Nice. Very very nice and spiced up with good humor too. @Dim, well done.

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