My father’s palmy has the sweet taste of his sweat.

My father’s palmy has the sweet taste of his sweat.

Many fathers have spoken
But my father’s words were most profound
Many women have cooked
But my mother’s food was most tasty
Many ladies have cared
But my sister’s care was most tender
Many men have loved
But my brothers’ love was most anointing

Many fathers have brought home wine
But my father’s palmy had the taste of his sweat
The taste of his toil
His palmy was most strong,
And quenched my direst thirst

The man is tall like an Iroko tree
Big like an elephant
Harsh like the sting of a broom
Yet his strides are swift like an eagle,
Paced like a cheetah

Yet his silence is golden
His silence, is wicked
His silence is harder than words
In his silence I pray for death

The man I call my father, paale
With words softer than soap
And words as strong as the palmy he brings
And as soothing as the song he sings

His wife, my mother, maale
Whose dress is wet from my tears
Whose pot of soup has been emptied
Whose ears are blocked from my cries

That woman, her ways are simple
Yet her thoughts are thick
She cannot eat, when I am hungry
She cannot sleep, when I am awake
She cannot smile when I am crying
Her left arm is my bed and her right is my whip

Tomorrow, they will be frail
And no one will bring home wine
No one will cook me Ogbono soup
No one will shout at my foolishness
No one will calm down my stress

But will I be able to cook for my children them?
Will I have for them, what maale had for me?
If I may ever fail, may it not be here
May my sun be my maale
And my moon be my paale
Let their ways guide my earthly steps
Like the smell of my mother’s food guides me home

7 thoughts on “My father’s palmy has the sweet taste of his sweat.” by NakedSha (@NakedSha)

  1. Very good stuff. Seems you have good parents too. With this wisdom you’ve exhibited, surely you’ll equally make a good maale. Keep it up.

  2. very good poem here.
    speaks about the past,the present and the future.
    those parents here must be beautiful parents too and i am sure you will do just great if you can write something as cool as this.

  3. Hey Funmi, good job here. Really nice. You apparently have/had good mentors; I don’t doubt the future will work out just fine.

  4. Aww, thank you beautiful people!

  5. nice poem, keep it up.

  6. Lol@ maale, paale and palmy…Love the poem..Well done

  7. good piece here………….

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