Let It Go

Let It Go

Test the waters, test the roads
Let it go, leave it alone
That which belongs will hold
That which is not will be blown

Love is love if it stays
Though the heart may linger staying
Life must go on nothing swayed
Even when in heart life is praying

Let it move throw it away
Many days will roll but wait
Let men hurt you, be slayed
Many will party end your bait

Years will come to yours alive
Casting bread on the waters pay
Losing is gaining better in brief
Let go let God, nothing dismay
Salau O John©

10 thoughts on “Let It Go” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. yes,i agree with Jay

  2. Your poems have a sing-song quality to them, the rhymes might have a hand in that. I absolutely love this poem; each line and stanza was just…wow. Well done. This is more than a good poem, to me at least.

  3. Thanks,

    Glad you like it….

  4. I agree with Abby, the rhymes rhyme.
    good one!

  5. Absolutely love the first stanza…Nice one John.

  6. @ RemRoy…Thanks….Just being me hey….

    @ Mercy…What can I say…love it too…thanks for the comment….

  7. @treasured1, looking at this fine piece, i must confess that you have walked moany miles to perfection in your recent poems. its good to see a writers work get better over the years, not otherwise

  8. Nice rhyming, great meaning; not sure if the compromise on grammar was deliberate. Well done.

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