I’ll be loving you……

I’ll be loving you……

For as long as…..
the sun brightens the day.
the stars light up the sky at night.
the earth goes round its orbit.
there are nine planets….
PDP rules Nigeria…
X and Y are undefined…..
I’m gonna be loving you,ma baby.

For as long as…..
You smyl that smyl,
You look at me the way you do,
You free-fall expectn me to catch you…
You let me share your sorrows…
You laugh that laugh in tyms of joy…..
I’l be loving you,ma prince.

For as long as…..
ma heart beats as fast when I see you.
ma breath fails anytym you come close.
ma toes feel numb anytym you say those words.
ma smyl gets wider anytym I read your msgs…
I’m so gonna be loving you,ma boo.

I’ll be loving U….
when you fail,
when you succeed,
when you cry,
when you laugh,
when no1 stays,
when you dont believe in yourself,
when your sure of your actions,
when you make those mistakes,
when you correct them,
when the consequences come,
when life test your faith and perseverence,
Baby,I’ll be loving U….
whenever you let me,and now thats a promise I will keep….

3 thoughts on “I’ll be loving you……” by My-world (@My-world)

  1. song “and I’ll be loving you always”
    Sorry, that song came to mind when I saw the title and was reiterated by the poem. Deep, strong words. Let’s hope the narrator can sustain it.

    So, was this written to your baby, prince and boo? That would explain the “ma smyl”, “expectn”, “tyms” “gonna” and “anytym”. If not, you might want to consider writing so your readers can understand.
    Nice writing though.

  2. Thanks loads,Abby….
    yes,it was for my boo. your advice is noted.
    glad you like it :)

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