How can I ever understand

How can I ever understand

A little girl with an innocent heart
waiting by the door all day long
When is mummy going to come home?
Isn’t it past my story and bed time?
Wouldn’t I even brush my teeth
or get a good night kiss from her
How can I ever understand.

Why is daddy looking like that?
he only does that when my tummy hurts
and the doctors get to give me some pills
or every time Grandma’s go to heaven
but I’m right here,beautifully dressed in white
and heaven is full of grandma’s
How can I ever understand.

I heard the click of the door
as mummy drifted into the house
They hugged for so so long
Mummy! Mummy! My tiny heart called
Is it my birthday? I look like a princess
Why aren’t you dressed like me.
How can I understand.

I reached but couldn’t touch
Mummy has a red teary eyes
she only does that when she cuts onions
or when I sleep for such a long time
but there is no onions in the house
and I am right awake just beside her
How can I understand.

Couldn’t they just see me
they act like I am not here
or is it a birthday surprise
but my birthday is in 3 months time
Why is Mummy clinging to a picture of me?
And Daddy patting her at the back
How can I understand.

I spoke but they were not listening
Maybe I am going to get a baby sister
and they wouldn’t love me anymore
I ran upstairs to cry along with bonny
My room is gone! and even bonny isn’t there
Where are my toys and my little cute bed
How can I ever understand.

I went out but Mummy wasn’t there
and daddy’s smell was gone
this doesn’t look like our house
but like the heaven grand pa talked about
But I don’t have white hairs and I can’t be here
I didn’t even tell mum and dad I was coming
How can I ever understand.

8 thoughts on “How can I ever understand” by Dekky (@Dekky)

  1. this is good. i just think it'll work to have your lines rhyme more and in the same number of beats.
    well done.

  2. thanks a lot…I will sure work on that…

  3. Very good work. The way the story is told is brilliant. Just couldn’t figure out the ending. Keep it up.

    1. Couldn’t figure out the kid’s dead and doesn’t know it yet? That’s why she doesn’t understand. I think this line tells it all; “But I don’t have white hairs and I can’t be here”

  4. Good job Dekky; love it.

  5. this is nice and sad in a kinda way but brilliantly told.

  6. Love the way it was written…but the content is sad…

  7. So sad…beautiful. Sad..

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