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Driller’s Quarters – 3

The night breeze blows with a bit hotness as Bremah and I approach Ella’s place. On getting closer to her place, an ash colour Range Rover SUV is waiting in front of the house. The SUV brake light on, likewise the engine. The shimmering from Driller Energy gives a faint outline of the SUV. Within … Continue reading Driller’s Quarters – 3

Driller’s Quarters – 1

Kongah Igoma is my name; A.K.A. Scorpion. I hail from Kongah community of the Kongah river in the tail end of the river Niger. Kongah community is surrounded by rivers and mangrove swamps which form barriers to intruders and the likes. The men of Kongah are mainly fisher men and farmers, the women sellers of … Continue reading Driller’s Quarters – 1

Dear Love; Hope said you were pregnant.

Dear love; hope said you were pregnant. I had gone for a meeting, a town’s meeting that warm sunday afternoon, it was one of those being hosted by a member whom the lot fell on to host the rest once a month. I had arrived the venue, the place was a beehive of activity. Cars … Continue reading Dear Love; Hope said you were pregnant.