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WEYTIN WE GAIN (My advice to the youths)

If you are a Nigerian and a skin-tight one as that, you should already know where this is headed towards; Victor AD’s “WEYTIN WE GAIN” which has received so much appreciation from most people as one song that reflects on their lives and mentality. Weytin We Gain is simply talking about the day-to-day hustling, bustling, … Continue reading WEYTIN WE GAIN (My advice to the youths)

‘I Am My Parents’ Investment’

‘I Am My Parents’ Investment’

(You have to read this to the end) I was involved in a fictitious-isle one day. There, I asked a kid of 9 years, ‘What are your plans for your parents when you grow up’? Guess what her reply was. She replied; ‘I am my parents’ investment’. Do you know what that means? It’s not … Continue reading ‘I Am My Parents’ Investment’

The Mumuness Of Whatsappers

So, we’ve welcomed whatsapp in Nigeria, but then, does that mean that we’ve welcomed trouble? I hate it when people blame Nigerians for awkward actions, I hate sentences such as ‘Nigerians are so backward’, ‘Nigerian youths are so foolish’. In fact, I have always been very optimistic about what the future holds for our dear … Continue reading The Mumuness Of Whatsappers

The Bricks That Builds up a Nation’s Youth

We accept our nature when they call us ‘Blacks’ We accept our nationality when they call us Nigerians; We accept our ignorance when they rate us third world; We accept our guilt when they scream “imposter”; Just like how they accept the crime “fraud” when EFCC present the warrant “house arrest” they say our enemies … Continue reading The Bricks That Builds up a Nation’s Youth