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Illusion Episode 3

8:15pm Kathryn had her eyes fixed on the cup in front of her. “A DNA test?” “The result may come out negative.” Kathryn responded, not in direct response to Simeon’s question. Her eyes still fixed on the cup. “May—yeah. Still, I guess its only proper you allow me a glimpse of the big picture.” Simeon … Continue reading Illusion Episode 3


8:19 pm June 19, 1998 Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri. Kathryn walked with careful steps along the lonely dark bushy path. Her feet moved, one after the other, in swift strides; her thoughts maintained an equal pace too. Kathryn’s thoughts alternated between the possible dangers, she’d heard, that lurked in those paths; memoirs of the evening—well spent; … Continue reading Illusion

Adam and Steve 4

Grim. Grim. The sound of the in-coming call made him stir. He rolled over, reaching for the phone with one hand while the other ran down the coarse, wiry dark hairs on his chest. He felt light when his fingers played under the elastic band of his short. “Hello, Maggie” “Were you sleeping?” Margaret asked. … Continue reading Adam and Steve 4

Adam and Steve 3

Adam and Steve 3

Previously on…….Adam and Steve. “You’re here alone?” “Yeah” “A friend’s bachelors party holds tonight. I was wondering if you would like to come around.” “Yes.” Read more from Episode Two here…….http://www.naijastories.com/2014/03/adam-and-steve-2/ Episode Three Steve pushed the door gently behind him. He fondled its knob as he stood to still his breathe and thoughts. Only girls … Continue reading Adam and Steve 3

Adam and Steve 2

Previously…… “One more thing. You might want to check the bar downstairs. They have a special Friday drink. It’s called Rouge.” “I’ll check it out -” “Now?” “Yeah, now” “Cool. Bye, man” ***** “Hello. I’m sure he would be heading to the bar very soon.” “You sure?” “Trust me” “Ok. Thanks” Read Episode One here … Continue reading Adam and Steve 2