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St. Valentine’s Cycle

THE VALENTINE’S DAY CYCLE First thing on 14th February, every year – on Whatsapp, BBM, facebook and Twitter – guys will post display pictures of ladies different from the ones they posted on the same date, the previous year and which they do not intend to post next year. Later in the day, the real … Continue reading St. Valentine’s Cycle


No matter what anyone said, he just turned a deaf ear to them all When some got tired of begging, they began to hiss out loudly Others simply began to step off the bus While a few still hoped that their appeal would get to him Unfortunately, it didn’t When the driver realised that the … Continue reading LAGOS DANFO VALENTINE (Part 2)

Valentines Day Eve

Valentine Chronicles So it’s official; I will be domesticated tomorrow. Me, a free-spirited bird of the wild, Cuffed and led through the gate called narrow. So if after tomorrow you see me not, If I go in and somehow I don’t make it out, Don’t believe them when they tell you I’m dead; Remember just … Continue reading Valentines Day Eve

My Valentine’s Day Story…

This year would have taken me to the pinnacle of my love career; unfortunately, it didn’t!!! I woke up this morning (Feb. 14) with three lovely options for a val. Lucky me right??? I have always believed in the prophecies of my pastor, Pastor … okay you don’t need to know his name. But when … Continue reading My Valentine’s Day Story…

With Love From Asaba: Part 15 (FINAL)

“Who is that that wants to break my gate, ehn?” Chief Alozie asked in an irritated voice, before yelling to the gateman to go and see who was at the gate. The gateman was in the backyard and Nene beat him to the gate.  As soon as she stepped outside, she saw Richard grinning. He … Continue reading With Love From Asaba: Part 15 (FINAL)

Goldie And The Social Media Miscreants

Goldie And The Social Media Miscreants

The sudden death of Nigerian pop singer, Susan Oluwabimpe “Goldie” Harvey has to be the worst news that has hit Nigerians in 2013 so far. Even worse was the fact that she died in the evening of Valentine’s Day after her return from Los Angeles, United States of America where she attended the Grammy Awards. … Continue reading Goldie And The Social Media Miscreants