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Avian d’Erosã

Have you ever wondered how lovers seem to know what their partner is thinking? How they seem to become like-minds? An evidence they were in love. I’m responsible for that, my specialty is with couples in love. I’m the little bird that whispers lovers’ thoughts to and fro. February 14, 2016 Melbourne, Australia 20:48 GMT … Continue reading Avian d’Erosã

About Valentine And Plumbers

14th February, 2016, 02: 30 pm *** “Happy Valentine”, another neighbor greeted. This time it was the girl- neighbor with the numerous girlfriends. We became close friends after the blocked toilet system saga last two months. At the end, I had told her the truth and she had taken to me afterwards. Now, we live … Continue reading About Valentine And Plumbers

The Wait

THE WAIT I.) Wait for me! Tarry, Mon Diamanté For it’s a long journey- Across jagged rocks of despair- To the oasis of sweats. I am on the roads, At the junction of hearts. I drive in haste But love is a snail. Wait while I come to thee. II.) You must wait- when I … Continue reading The Wait

The Day after Yesterday I: As I Understand It

The Day after Yesterday I: As I Understand It

I usually approach Layrite’s poems with some caution. I know if I read them in a hurry I will come back to the first line understanding little. In order words, the poet tries to ensconce much meaning in few words, as the craft of good poetry generally encourages. But the thing I personally like about … Continue reading The Day after Yesterday I: As I Understand It

“For better, for stay; for worse, le walk away.” (2)

I had thought the following months would see a better light. The writing course I applied for while we were dating was finally approved in a mail sent to me one day. Awaiting his arrival in delight that day, I prepared his favourite meal. I was delighted for two reasons, my writing career which I … Continue reading “For better, for stay; for worse, le walk away.” (2)

MURDER ON VALENTINE (Tales from 9ja)

It was 6pm, Monday, February 14th. It was valentines day. A young man, hands covered with blood, walks around in a room. Meet Jude. Jude looked at his blood smeared hands dazed beyond words. As though he were in a trance, he paced the room, seeing nothing and hearing nothing except the blood on his … Continue reading MURDER ON VALENTINE (Tales from 9ja)