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With Love From Asaba: Part 4

“Na so e dey start,” she muttered to herself.  “From ‘Hello’ to ‘I no do again.’  That’s how the story ends.” She promptly emptied the dustbin and was about to enter the house when she heard a man’s voice yelling “Hello.”  It was the same guy.  He had decided to vocalize his greeting this time, … Continue reading With Love From Asaba: Part 4


“You are a sorry excuse for a son-in-law! You can’t even afford to pay for your house rent. I don’t know how we ended with such a useless man like you!” The harsh words of Mrs. Okwuchukwu, a woman he once called “Mama” had stung worse than the sting of a scorpion and it kept … Continue reading Emasculated

Labour Market 1

Southern Nigeria April 2012. A place where men and women sell themselves for food,that is what the labour market is. It is a place where money and desperation meet, also called Urua Owo, human market. Everyday except Sundays we gather on a parcel of government land and pray for buyers. Today business is slow. Tuesdays … Continue reading Labour Market 1

Corruption As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Ordinary Nigerian (I)

It was a sunny day. The sun was out in all its glory. I was feeling pretty good with myself knowing I was about to attend the final interview in a series of interviews just to get a job in a multinational company. In fact, I was in a celebrating mood feeling cocksure that I … Continue reading Corruption As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Ordinary Nigerian (I)

The Masses’ Mass

The Masses’ Mass

  Most of us work everywhere A large workforce here and there A half or nearly all of the country For us, poverty works Never are we unemployed We are just busily poor- that’s all We do all sorts; White-collar crimes and whatnots Atop dumpsites, along dark alleys Massed up on election day Rascals, scallywags, … Continue reading The Masses’ Mass

The Ode to Unemployment.

The Ode to Unemployment.

Unemployment flows In the beating heart of this city A vital tide Powerful stream Carrying hundreds Thousands Millions of us Tools for the workshop   Unemployment is alive here Familiar Our monstrous relative Caressing the young Embracing the old Suffocating hope   Unemployment is a Prince here All these prisoners Wincing Bitten By it   … Continue reading The Ode to Unemployment.