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Mad Game

“Honey, I’m sorry. I can’t explain what pushed me… we did it only five times… ever since I’ve been wanting to stop, but I just cant. I’m so sorry, don’t know what pushed me into cheating on you…” “Hahaha, no honey… I know you’re joking. Me too I’m just pulling your legs. Sorry for having … Continue reading Mad Game

Write Up By Dindy: Trust

Write Up By Dindy: Trust

WRITE UP BY DINDY: TRUST Please do not share without talking to me personally and asking for permission, thank you for reading this write up. Timeless beginnings of hidden happiness…..TRUST. My Underlined faith in you…..TRUST. The shape of my heart for you…TRUST. Unlimited access of my hope for you….TRUST. Freedom of the world around….TRUST. A … Continue reading Write Up By Dindy: Trust

Prima Facie 3

As Anita’s car disappeared into the distance Austin hurriedly retraced his steps back to his apartment. Tucking her pink nylon panty into his back pocket he shouldered open his unlocked door and paced into his flat. Dipping his hand into his rucksack lying beside his study desk he fetched his car keys and hastily made … Continue reading Prima Facie 3

How I met Mary, Again

It was one of those job-hunting days and I was running late for one bank job test like that, scheduled for 8:00am. Swiftly, I hurried out of the house and jumped into the first bus I stopped (then, Araba buses were still in vogue, blowing head bombs as horns and causing irrelevant traffics everywhere ). But fortunately … Continue reading How I met Mary, Again

Shine Your Eye: Part 5 (Final)

  “Ah, Seni, Seni, oya come and sit here.  Oya come now-ow …” he said, patting a spot beside him on her own bed. The look on her face said, “Get out now!” but she obeyed.  Mentally, she added locking her room to the list of life-changing decisions she planned to make before she turned … Continue reading Shine Your Eye: Part 5 (Final)

With Love From Asaba: Part 12

Nene went to bed very early that day, but sleep evaded her.  At about 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, when the whole house was asleep, she went downstairs and searched for Monday’s paper. Her uncle usually kept the newspapers for the entire week in a magazine stand in the sitting room, and only threw them … Continue reading With Love From Asaba: Part 12