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Hello guys, how you all doing. I really want to appreciate the members of Naijastories.com for their support in every way. since i joined this forum, it has being more fun as i got exposed to many more writings. I know you have seen quite a few of my writings but this one is very … Continue reading Crush

Destined Path – Part 2

Destined Path – Part 2

“A QUICK UNDERSTANDING REVIEW READING” Although this story is in continuation of my last story “DESTINED PATH: PART 1” but the perspective from which I wrote it from has changed. The previous was written as a narrative from Mathias(cute brain) while this is written as a narrative from Zainab. I hope you get it now … Continue reading Destined Path – Part 2

Love Like A Fairytale (Finale/Episode 7: Farewell)

Episode 7: Farewell Its been three months now, and the court proceedings are still on going. Nkiru has been admitted willingly into a mental hospital and she attends the court’s trial sessions from there. Mama’s health has worsened and everyone has gotten to know that she has an inoperable cancer of the brain. Nneka’s husband … Continue reading Love Like A Fairytale (Finale/Episode 7: Farewell)

Tell Her Something Sweet

Tell her something that she will soon not remember. Words that will blow over her gently She would sway and then stagger ever so slightly To pleasant vocabulary which truly has no meaning. Though they be the most tired of repetitions -evidence of your disinterest to spare her a creative thought- This observation will concern her not As it is of less priority than … Continue reading Tell Her Something Sweet

The Journey Of Love (True Love)…

  In the Village of “Ufedo”, Eniafe went on a mission to find the woman that will be the father of his kids. He planned to name his kids not minding if they were all boys or girls as Ifunnanya, Feranmi and Inasonki. He was due for marriage and so the village priest called him … Continue reading The Journey Of Love (True Love)…