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Outcast – Episode 7

I had been crawling behind Clara, on each and every step of the stairs. Scare beyond my wits, I had stubbornly refused to heed the foreboding fear churning at my guts. I thought I could handle it until the fear became paralyzing. Now, I wished I had listened to my gut instinct. I shouldn’t have … Continue reading Outcast – Episode 7

Outcast – Episode 6

Aunty Patience emerged from the house minutes after Clara had entered back in the house and met me sitting on the soak away crater. ‘Where is Clara?’ she asked. ‘I am here’ Clara replied from the sitting room before I could open my mouth to speak. Without saying another word she went about dishing food. … Continue reading Outcast – Episode 6

Outcast – Episode 4

Outcast – Episode 4

Sleep completely eluded me on my first night in Aunty Patience’s house, not even the accumulated fatigue from the rather tortuous journey to Lagos could induce me to sleep. The children slept on a raffia mat in the sitting room whilst Aunty Patience and her husband slept in the only bedroom. I was used to … Continue reading Outcast – Episode 4