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Archibald Memorial Secondary School

It was September again. It was drizzling again. Students were back again. Teachers were frustrated again. It was resumption day. The time was past two pm, barely seven hours into the start of a new academic year and teachers were already fed up by the presence of their students and their parents. Students could be … Continue reading Archibald Memorial Secondary School

Sounds Of Silence

SOUNDS OF SILENCE NOT RAPE So she turned your request down And your talk was “You shall see” thus a plot was laid, by you and your accomplice to do the devil’s bid, rape the innocent lady who is supposedly arrogant for not replying you when you beckoned on her “heyz, fine girl” She was … Continue reading Sounds Of Silence

Episode 11: Falling in Love With My Best Friend

    READ EPISODES 1 – 10 Episode 11: Frying Pan to Fire   There was no chatting, no gisting, no words. We understood the silence, that even though words did not pass between us, we were saving them for later, when they would flow in abundance. The fuel scarcity had already ended, but unfortunately, … Continue reading Episode 11: Falling in Love With My Best Friend

Tales of Tera- EPILOGUE

EPILOGUE Mark could hear the racket the moment he opened the front door of Yinka’s house. It was seven years after his reconciliation with Tera; he had obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in management,and was elected as the Acting CEO of his father’s conglomerate,ever since the septuagenarian man retired from his position. He laughed … Continue reading Tales of Tera- EPILOGUE

Tales of Tera 15 – Grand Finale!

” Grizzy…what’s wrong? ” Her Petit mother asked for the umpteenth time with a worried look on her wrinkled face. ” I love him so much,mom. But he doesn’t feel the same way about me..he abandoned me at the Marina. ” She sulked to her mother and clutched her pink teddy bear closely to her … Continue reading Tales of Tera 15 – Grand Finale!

Tales of Tera 14

” I’m sorry, Ma. ” Tera shook vehemently with every word she uttered. Her swollen eyes were awash with tears. She stared at Mrs Akinwale with much pity,fear and compassion. She had asked Dozie to go home,and informed her parents even before she had dialled Mrs Akinwale’s number. Her instincts had prompted her to dismiss … Continue reading Tales of Tera 14

Tales of Tera 13

Tera gazed at her reflection in the mirror for the umpteenth time and dabbed at her upper lip carefully as she wiped off the orange pigment; she didn’t think it would complement her complexion in anyway. She wished Debs was present; she was her personal shopper,wardrobe stylist,and closest cousin. The knock at her door prompted … Continue reading Tales of Tera 13

Tales of Tera 8

” Here she is ! ” He exclaimed heartily as he courteously pulled out a chair for her at the table. Tera’s eyes darted back and forth at the people seated in the restaurant. She disliked Emerald’s countenance and appearance for subtle reasons which she couldn’t quite explain. The clinching of wine-glasses at the table … Continue reading Tales of Tera 8

Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

FADE IN: INT. A SITTING ROOM-MORNING A well furnished sitting room.Big enough with basic requirements for a middle class apartment. Sinach’s All things are possible is playing on the background stereo. DEOLA …(dressed in secondary school uniform, she is miming the song) …Mum where did you keep my school bag? (shouts at the top of … Continue reading Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

1, 2, 3 Disappear: Part 1

Twice it had happened that morning, and Mrs. Phillips was losing her patience.  She had called this boy almost five times, before he finally answered.  Dotun had only worked for a week, and she was already counting down to the day when she would kick him out of her house.  Yes, she had a date … Continue reading 1, 2, 3 Disappear: Part 1