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Living in interesting times

Chinese people pray to live in interesting times; these days, I pray for the opposite – boring times, especially after I had a curious experience, four months after I had started my teaching practice at a public school located in one of the more remote villages in the State I lived in. It started with … Continue reading Living in interesting times

The Three Mischievous Friends

Emeka, Goodluck, and Femi were the biggest boys in the class, and also held the record of scoring big in failure in examinations. While other students engaged in various forms of preparation for the upcoming promotion examination, the trio went about chewing biscuits and looking for troubles they didn’t keep. They have never been scared … Continue reading The Three Mischievous Friends

Treading water

Treading water

I sat there at a corner of the teacher’s podium, slightly irritated at the charade going on before me. I and the other teachers were parading with our widest smiles, kissing up to the proudly delusional parents and their snotty Wards at today’s School Open day. I had already catered to about a dozen of … Continue reading Treading water