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No, not without Billy!

I woke up, covered in a fog of turquoise-white and maroon-gold. I could remember me and Billy, my crazy pit-bull, were walking a lonely mountain track. The unruffled breezy clouds perched on my skin, I nipped them in my imagination. They felt as nothing I’ve ever touched or tasted, just an epitome of immaculate flamboyance…every fine … Continue reading No, not without Billy!

Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 20

“Ha! Collins Do you want to kill me. My Lord will deal with you!” “Woman, keep shut and stop ranting. Haven’t I told you to stop disgracing yourself all about? That’s what you and that your nincompoop of a child does! Always disgracing and bringing dent to my name. . . haven’t I tried for … Continue reading Memoirs of A Repentant Slut ~ Episode 20

The Last Curse (Chapter 9)

CHAPTER 9 White skulls littered the desert. The iroko tree stood tall and proud against the backdrop of the full moon. Red mist floated all around as if the very air had absorbed blood. Vultures hung on the branches of the iroko tree, watching me with patient eyes. There was something at the base of … Continue reading The Last Curse (Chapter 9)

The Last Curse (Chapter 8)

The entrance of the church led into a rectangular structured area with an upper deck from which the worshippers could look down on the upraised stage that dominated the opposite end of the entrance. The church was teeming with people that had sought it out for sanctuary. Most of the plastic white chairs were occupied … Continue reading The Last Curse (Chapter 8)

The Last Curse (Chapter 7)

The staccato sound of fireworks jarred me out of my sleep. When my eyes opened and I found myself still in that small clearing and in Frank’s arm, I knew that could not be right. Christmas had past. My heart was pounding so hard that it momentarily made me dizzy. I got up from Frank’s … Continue reading The Last Curse (Chapter 7)

The Last Curse (Chapter 6)

We stood huddled at the head of the flight of stairs that led down to the third floor. Describing the sight that met our eyes is difficult. The sun had not yet gone down on the day, yet we had witnessed horrors that we had never imagined possible. I could tell you now that when … Continue reading The Last Curse (Chapter 6)

The Last Curse (Chapter 2)

CHAPTER 2 Two men were at the school gate. Their arms poked through the gate’s iron rails and their fingers were bloodied. One of the men held the ripped off arm of the security guard who lay still on the ground. There was a large pool of ripe red blood where the guard lay. The … Continue reading The Last Curse (Chapter 2)

Saving Egbo

Saving Egbo

Death’s, the intoxicating sweet pleasure of sinking that cruelly arched tumescence forcefully, brutally into the uninitiated, virginal depths of good… then, hell. The persistent staccato of automatic rifles were deafening typewriters, ruthlessly banging out the death sentences of some hapless soldiers in murderous copper-jacketed fonts, accompanied by the occasional throaty interjection of burly 105mm Howitzers, … Continue reading Saving Egbo

A Tunnel Blues – Recap

A Tunnel Blues – Recap

  I stood there a travelling man with nothing less than my surviving soul: duffel bag,dusty foot,pale skin, shredded leaflets-full of scribbled dreams blame that on sunrises and sunsets of days past for being my angels while threading those lonely miles.   lonely miles..lonely miles ? nah , not really about those strange lonely miles … Continue reading A Tunnel Blues – Recap