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Three Mangoes: Part 1

  Mama Risikat set down the large basket of fruits she had been carrying on her head.  The small piece of cloth she had used to cushion the rough base of the raffia basket on her head promptly fell to the ground undeterred.  It began to unravel from the tight cylindrical form into which it … Continue reading Three Mangoes: Part 1

The Piano Book: Part 3 (Final)

  “You can play it on the piano then.”  He did not say this like he was urging me.  It was more like a command that he expected me to obey. Motioning for me to follow him, he led the way to the half-opened door that led to the music room.  As he pushed the … Continue reading The Piano Book: Part 3 (Final)

The Piano Book: Part 2

  Mama had not yet returned from work, and I had already been to Mama Peju’s shop.  She did not have the house keys.  That meant that I would have to wait outside the door until Mama came back.  Today, that option was not-so-palatable.  Waiting at Mama Peju’s shop was out of the question.  I … Continue reading The Piano Book: Part 2

The Piano Book: Part 1

  He saw me coming.  After all, I was walking towards him.  I couldn’t tell what he was thinking though.  How does a 10-year old boy read the mind of a 40-something year old man? Some people have that gift, you know.  But not me.  I think he could read my mind.  Did I already … Continue reading The Piano Book: Part 1