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journey to fulfilment

The House of Tiny People

A house of tiny People and other short stories… Waking up was no longer the pleasure it used to be for Ayomide. There’s a fleeting moment when she’s whole again but it evaporates faster than shear butter melting from the impact of a sun. Then her lids that drooped with sleep would snap violently open … Continue reading The House of Tiny People

NO FEAR! (Concluding part)

After fighting awhile- side by side, with my lion, the darkness dissipated and soon sun shone and the rays lit up everywhere. The jungle was no longer dead but alive. Alive with animals, sounds, beauty. As the sun shone, light rain accompanied it. Where I came from it meant that a good thing was coming … Continue reading NO FEAR! (Concluding part)

A hatchet, a pen, and a locket – Episode 4

  Episode 4: Ik is back He ran out of the hut, ‘nna Anyi, nna Anyi! where are you?’, he shoted, calling out for the old man. ‘I am where you left me’, the old man said approaching from the back of the hut. Ik heaved a sigh of relieve. ‘I do not understand what … Continue reading A hatchet, a pen, and a locket – Episode 4

A demon’s story: Pandemonium (Conclusion)

Today is the day I face the tribunal that has been raised to see into my case. After weeks of been on the run I was finally caught in a sloppy move; extracted from my vessel, dragged to purgatory and held hostage under extreme conditions. My wings were clipped with casted iron, which caused me … Continue reading A demon’s story: Pandemonium (Conclusion)

A demon’s story: Invitation to Ihiala

Two weeks have gone by and I’m still in hiding. I haven’t heard anything from anyone in authority concerning my ordeal. I’m very much trying hard to blend in with the people of this community in eastern Nigeria. I don’t use any of my abilities,  obviously to hide my identity from clairvoyant folks around. On … Continue reading A demon’s story: Invitation to Ihiala

A demon’s story: Essex falls in love

He was young and new to the entire system, different from the rest of us, but a part of a conspiracy greater than we all. Essex is my brother from the 31st generation,  we stem from the same father but don’t get to see each other often because dad has many children which he’s trying … Continue reading A demon’s story: Essex falls in love


Amidst rising smoke and beating drums, the priestess staggered to the haunting beat. Her wrists and ankles richly adorned with cowries and brightly coloured beads. Her hair wrapped in a thickly knotted red cloth with another, knotted tightly above her ample bossom as she continued to stagger in drunken stupor. She was supposed to be … Continue reading Abiku?

The Chattering Roads

You never know where your life can lead to, one moment you are sleeping peacefully in your room, the other…you screaming in a car about impact 22,000 pound Tanker on a road. One moment you can see a life of prosperity stretched indefinitely in front of you, the other minute, you are in a pool … Continue reading The Chattering Roads


R E B E L DEVILS. PRIESTS. BEASTS. Devils, we never thought they existed until we witnessed them firsthand-Superfast, super strong and ever shady in their acts. The most feared creatures that walked upon the face of the earth and everyone knew for sure why it was so-for they wore the “pendant of grace” with … Continue reading Rebel

A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 4a)

Ozoko seemed fated to live a life of savagery. The story of his birth and eventual death was as complicated as it was precarious. Oredu, his late father was said to be renowned for his matchless hunting skills. He was one of the best hunters in the whole of Agila, and even the neighboring villages … Continue reading A Bride Too Soon (Chapter 4a)

Solitary Road 3

Her mind had lied Or so, she thought. The spirits had lied. These guardian spirits. She was going to die here, alone. She squinted and squirmed, closing her eyes to reality, while expecting the worst from the women she had just seen float in the air. She waited, and waited, for more than a while, … Continue reading Solitary Road 3