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For “Coloured” Friends

  “Here lies our little sunshine, which set too soon when our hearts were not prepared” …those were the words on the tombstone of Tandi. Tandi was my friend and today, she is worlds away and she isn’t coming back. Tandi was a bubbly girl and would always make you see the best in the … Continue reading For “Coloured” Friends

MURDER ON VALENTINE (Tales from 9ja)

It was 6pm, Monday, February 14th. It was valentines day. A young man, hands covered with blood, walks around in a room. Meet Jude. Jude looked at his blood smeared hands dazed beyond words. As though he were in a trance, he paced the room, seeing nothing and hearing nothing except the blood on his … Continue reading MURDER ON VALENTINE (Tales from 9ja)