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Episode Three *** It was 7:45 p.m and the massive church auditorium was already packed to capacity. Large crowds had occupied the whole church area. Buses loaded with miracle seekers turned in their numbers into the venue. Traffic gridlocks had no end as the only access road was on a lock down. One could hear … Continue reading THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode III]


Episode One *** 2:30 p.m, tuesday and the expected call just came through. Being the last week of the month, Pastor Kay was coming into Uyo from Port Harcourt and that was good news. Here was another chance to hustle him, have fun and rake some cool dough in at the end of the week; … Continue reading THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode I]

The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 6: Those Troublesome Twins

READ EPISODES 1 – 5 Most of the students were still in class when Uncle Henry arrived.  That was how unexpected his visit was. Miss Agbo did not even know that someone had entered the class.  However, when we saw an unfamiliar grown-up in the class, we did what we had been taught to do.  … Continue reading The Day I Will Never Forget, Episode 6: Those Troublesome Twins

Aluta, Alooting

Aluta, Alooting

It was two months into second semester in The University of Benin(Uniben). The new course time tables had already been mastered and the new courses themselves de-mystified. Lectures were at a dull stage and classes had become soporific. The initial fear of failure had been mastered or rather postponed till the first or second wave … Continue reading Aluta, Alooting