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Betrayals and Funerals – 34

Insomnia had become a close friend of mine since the beginning of the trial so I’d taken to staying up at night poring over my law books. This particular night though, my mind wandered and began asking questions that I’d previously overlooked. First of all, why had Ruby been using a fake name? What had … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 34

Betrayals and Funerals – 33

“Good afternoon ma.” I greeted, with all the politeness I could muster. To my surprise, she opened her arms and stretched them out to me. Her embrace was comforting. “I’m so glad you’re here with him.” She whispered, and I thought I heard sniffling. “I’m afraid. I don’t want my son in prison.” It was … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 33

Betrayals and Funerals- 29

MO “Again, where were you on the night of December 7th?” The pimply faced cop asked. It was the mention of December that reminded me that we were in the last month of the year, getting close to the Christmas season. What was I doing sitting in an interrogation room answering questions about a murder? … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals- 29

Betrayals and Funerals – 27

KEMI Dr. Bala had managed to convince me to come for an ultrasound scan before I made any lasting decision. I wanted to refuse but somehow my curiosity got the better of me. It had been a month since I discovered the existence of my baby…a month of confusion and traumatic indecisions. A month of … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 27

Betrayals and Funerals – 26

The next two weeks passed in a blur for me. I scheduled two D and C appointments with Dr.Bala but each time I cancelled. I was confused. I knew I didn’t want this baby. No! It’s not a baby yet. I kept reminding myself. Just a six week old foetus. But I also knew that … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 26

Betrayals and Funerals – 23

KEMI “Some folks are crazy. I mean seriously…did you see what that guy displayed in court? He lied under oath! It was so obvious! How could Judge Burton not see it?” I said as I exited the car. “Judge Burton is a seventy year old judge who chooses to see what he wants to see. … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 23

Betrayals and Funerals – 22

“I think it’s too early to ask me that, Pastor.” I replied, rising to my feet. “I’m still hurt…the thought of my husband with another woman is revolting and no matter his excuse…it’s not good enough. I have a lot to figure out in my life right now and I think its best I do … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 22

Betrayals and Funerals – 21

I clutched my handbag and caught my breath as our eyes met. It was then I realised how much I’d missed him. He looked good; handsome as usual. I was very tempted to run to him, hold him and beg him to come back home. And then I remembered how he’d betrayed me and Shirley. … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 21

Betrayals and Funerals – 20

“I need a job. That’s the only way I’m gonna get back on my feet.” I explained. “Okay. Why do you think so?” she asked. “Because I need to feel useful again. I gave up everything for motherhood. I never regretted it because I still felt useful, responsible for someone. Now, my life seems empty. … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 20

Betrayals and Funerals – 17

As I stepped into the house, the memories came rushing back. I deliberately pushed them out of my mind. I was here to fix things, not make them worse. This time she was clothed in a bum short and a white strapless top. “I was about to take a swim. Care to join me?” She … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 17

Betrayals and Funerals-16

I followed her, lugging my instruments with me. As she glided up the stairs, my eyes kept straying to her backside. I couldn’t help noticing her legs which were slim and shiny. Exactly what the camera loved. As I reflect now, I wonder whether it was with my professional eyes I admired her or… She … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals-16

Betrayals and Funerals -15

The air in the room was chilly but I found myself bathed in sweat as I woke up. Mo was sitting up beside me; my scream must have woken him. I was shaking. “Baby.” He whispered, holding his arms out to me. I went to him because I needed someone to hold me. “Ssshhh.” He … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals -15

Betrayals and Funerals – 14

“There’s nothing to tell, Kems.” He said. “She’s a client.” “Oh, really?” I seethed. “I’ve known you for eight years, Mo. You don’t think I can tell when you’re…” I paused. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was about to say. In all our years of marriage I’d had no cause to distrust my husband. … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 14

Betrayals and Funerals – 13

This time she was dressed in a white mini skirt that rode up her thighs when she moved, her torso was clad in a blue tube shirt that stopped just above her flat stomach. Christ! Did people still dress that way these days? I wondered. She practically oozed sex appeal, and while that might please … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 13