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Finding Tiwa (3)

Fate and careful planning had brought Martin my way again. My seeing him at the interview was no surprise as I had known from a contact within the company that he would be on the interview panel. Now for the next stage- making him fall in love with me (for real this time) then dumping … Continue reading Finding Tiwa (3)

Finding Tiwa (2)

For the rest of the long vacation, Martin and I were always together. We could not openly date as he still considered me too young. “Too young? I’m no minor but a young adult old enough to vote!” I would protest. Another issue between us was Nkem, his girlfriend on campus. I had seen her … Continue reading Finding Tiwa (2)

There was a time….

There was a time….

August 14, 2012     7.35am There was a time… A long, almost forgotten time When we would lie in the shade beside the muddy pool Sleeping and basking in the sunset cool That was when life was fun When the day was lit by the sun When brothers didn’t march the streets in thirsty search Of … Continue reading There was a time….