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Shine Your Eye: Part 5 (Final)

  “Ah, Seni, Seni, oya come and sit here.  Oya come now-ow …” he said, patting a spot beside him on her own bed. The look on her face said, “Get out now!” but she obeyed.  Mentally, she added locking her room to the list of life-changing decisions she planned to make before she turned … Continue reading Shine Your Eye: Part 5 (Final)

Shine Your Eye: Part 4

  He came home briefly to drop his traveling bag and pick up some other items.  It was the same navy blue traveling bag that Seni herself had used whenever she returned to school at Meiran after holidays.  She knew that Dele would be going to Boye’s house, for the mini get-together to celebrate his … Continue reading Shine Your Eye: Part 4

Shine Your Eye: Part 3

To tell the truth, the ideas that came to her mind at first were childish.  One idea was to set him up and have her parents overhear the rubbish he was saying.  She decided that that plan could backfire.  Boye could simply change his strategy from harassing her at home, to way-laying her on the … Continue reading Shine Your Eye: Part 3

The Visitor

“Nkechi, come and carry this bucket” “Where should I put it?” “Just comot am for here. I no wan see am. Ogechi, pack these clothes inside. Tidy this place for once. Haba! Visitor dey come!” “Who!?” chorused I and my sisters almost immediately. Our question was followed by a snort remark from our eldest brother, … Continue reading The Visitor