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Restore 2

Jade unlocked the door to the house just as the fixed line in her bedroom started ringing. She rushed into the room and picked up the phone on the fifth ring. It was her mum on the line. “Jade dear, how are you today?” “I’m fine mum.” Jade replied warily. She knew where the conversation … Continue reading Restore 2

Someone Better Than You

She was overly conscious, afflicted with the need to maintain a steady smile; a trial that made her lips quiver. She was happy—no doubt about that, who wouldn’t?—but she had never maintained a smile for such a length of time. The photos were being taken in quick succession, and she was unsure when a photographer … Continue reading Someone Better Than You

I Return Soonest

I Return Soonest

“I return soonest…” Your parting words uttered long-long ago… Yet to them I fiercely cling, a succor against reality Mornings become noons days become weeks yet they ricochet in my heart… A mantra for me to chant, and shame this unbelief “I return soon…” But when, tell me, when? Weeks become months … months become … Continue reading I Return Soonest