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Sense Of Fury [18+]!

  Beneath the picture she just zoomed, three hyperlinks came into full display. ‘UNB3LIVABL3! Husband caught in the act smashing two hot UNIDAK chicks! Click below to see the video. Watch what Titilayo was caught doing to this Lecturer SHAME! See this motorcyclist in Uyo using his rod on two secondary school girls.’ Margaret’s eyes … Continue reading Sense Of Fury [18+]!

Isioma and my Senses 2

My sleep that night was dotted with intermittent interruptions and wakings. My head ached lightly, but the nightmares were depressing – all because of Isioma, and my senses. I couldn’t bear it. For the past four years, I had kept her picture alive and fresh in my head. I didn’t have any girlfriends at all … Continue reading Isioma and my Senses 2