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This is How the World Ends: 2*

I folded my hands behind my head, staring at him, unsure of what to say. The room was silent except for the gentle beep of the equipment monitoring my wife’s vitals. Father started speaking again: “I didn’t understand what was happening, there had to be an explanation. So I had some of your mother’s remains … Continue reading This is How the World Ends: 2*

Stay in Berlin: Part 6

Stay in Berlin: Part 6

  She was so taken aback by surprise at her discovery that she sat down suddenly on Kayode’s bed.  The grogginess she had felt moments before was gone and in its stead, was an all-consuming desire to know what was written in this book which bore her name. Then began the internal battle between principle … Continue reading Stay in Berlin: Part 6

The Wood Carver’s Daughter

PROLOGUE The mysterious rustling of leaves left a tingling sensation on the back of Sidi’s neck. She turned back for a second and scanned the silent forest behind her before forging ahead bursting through a tangle of fresh green leaves, thistles and branches. Each one she swept back returned to smack her in the face … Continue reading The Wood Carver’s Daughter