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Unfulfilled Promises – 11

Oleng and Eric spent everyday together after his exams. Time was running out for them and each day felt like their last. Eric had just days left to spend in Nigeria. He didn’t feel like going to the graduation party organized by his classmates that Saturday but he felt he needed to because that would … Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises – 11

Dark Fantasies 2

‘I think she’s not human.’ Mark said clasping his hand together, he was trying hard not to slap Musa across his face. ‘Gaskiya!, machiji ko mamiwata.’ Musa said in splits of laughter. ‘I’m serious, she’s too beautiful.’ Mark said. ‘And if you’re not going to be of any help, leave my office abeg.’ He stood … Continue reading Dark Fantasies 2

Naija Heels On Cobbled Streets 14

They say adrenaline kicks in when fear confronts one. Yet, the fear weighing her down felt stronger than the strength of the strange arms around her. He was a stranger whose scent now invaded her space. Threatened her safety. She drew breath and decided to fight. A baby had implanted itself inside her. An unexpected … Continue reading Naija Heels On Cobbled Streets 14

Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 9

“Shall we bless your bed?” Niyi asked as soon as he’d ferried their bags to her bedroom. Sade was pottering about in the bedroom. Her hot pink dress clung to her waist, reminding him why it had taken him four days to get her back home. Despite the clear statement locked within her smile, he … Continue reading Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 9

Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 7

“What did you just say?” Niyi asked, wondering if she was still drunk. Sade clasped her arms around her. “I…want to know if you like men too. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not homophobic. I just don’t want to be with a man that…prefers men.” Niyi sat up straight. “Look at me Sade. Do I … Continue reading Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 7

Unfulfilled Promises 6

Oge was no longer smiling. Her friends came towards her with great eagerness. They asked what happened but she just shook her head and left them sadly. “Oleng! Sunshine! Where are you?” Eric called as he ran. He had suddenly lost her in the bustling school. It was break time so there were a lot … Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises 6

Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 3

I know you killed Jennifer. This was the text message that Niyi received last night. The first thing that popped into his head this morning. It played on his mind most of the night. Sleep evaded him for hours, the same way that misery stalked him after Jennifer died: slicing past the barriers he created … Continue reading Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 3

Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 2

As soon as her husband’s hand started to travel from the base of her back to the flesh round her navel, Peju froze. She stared into the black blanket of darkness as if prying harder would make the night part, to reveal light. Today, she found out that a woman she left her children with … Continue reading Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets 2

The wedding scandal

Silence reigned. The clock struck eleven o’clock. A child dropped a spoon, the sound reverberating throughout the cathedral. Seun stared wide-eyed at the man walking down the aisle towards the altar. She was feeling hot and dizzy and it was a miracle she was still standing. This was every bride’s nightmare. Tade looked flummoxed. He … Continue reading The wedding scandal

Living in interesting times

Chinese people pray to live in interesting times; these days, I pray for the opposite – boring times, especially after I had a curious experience, four months after I had started my teaching practice at a public school located in one of the more remote villages in the State I lived in. It started with … Continue reading Living in interesting times


“Hello? I’M PREGNANT!!”

He was in shock – of all the times for her to display her nonchalance, she chose now, and with this? “But…I…we…” he stuttered. Silence. He heaved, and breathed out, slowly. He steeled his nerves a bit. “Are you sure?” “You, the guy, is asking me, the lady, if I’m sure. Of all the cliché questions…thought you’d be … Continue reading “Hello? I’M PREGNANT!!”

This Is How The World Ends: 3*

I scoffed, “Considering how crazy everything you’ve said has been, be sure I’m not telling anyone about this.” He looked away, and relaxed into the seat. He wiped his eyes slowly, and sniffed almost imperceptibly. “I was crushed that day, so I left him there. I found a bar and for the first and only … Continue reading This Is How The World Ends: 3*