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HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Three)

  Photo credit: horrorland (silent night) Both girls sat with glum expressions on their faces; the note lay on the table with the TV remote placed on it to keep it from moving. As much as Judy wanted to say, “I told you so”, she could not bring herself to. The victorious feeling she had … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Three)

HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Two)

Photo credit: horror land (silent night) “I said I’m coming, do you want to break down the door?” Judy queried angrily in a loud voice as she made for the front door completely aware it was neither her mother nor her father; it was just 3:15pm. She made a rough guess that it would be … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode Two)

HAPPY HOLS! (Episode One)  

Photo credit: horrorland (silent night) “Happy hols!” the deep gruff voice of the big-bellied principal echoed from the large speakers as the school children gleefully and clumsily made their way to the school bus with so much speed as though a second wasted would leave them trapped in school for eternity. “One at a time”, … Continue reading HAPPY HOLS! (Episode One)  

Best Kept Secrets

It was one of those windy harmattan Wednesdays in Enugu, a steady swoosh of dust and wind on the untarred streets of Independence layout, that made Noel Ubaka long for a summer holiday abroad. He covered his face to protect himself as he walked up the street. He had gone for a quick jog – … Continue reading Best Kept Secrets

Dark Fantasies 10

Their gaze was fixed on the program showing on DSTV, not that they were concentrating instead they were waiting for the signal of clanking of cutleries from Mama Osi for food. ‘I just cant believe that Faisal will do drugs.’ Chioma muttered. ‘Like I always say all that glitters is not gold, some are made … Continue reading Dark Fantasies 10

Dark fantasies 7

News travels fast and soon everyone was talking about Emily, Dr Chioma’s visitor and with Dr Musa as the chief broadcaster of the news, it was a very interesting tale. He painted the picture that Emily’s hair was blood red and passed her waist, the actual color is reddish brown, auburn and it stopped at … Continue reading Dark fantasies 7

Dark fantasies 6

The fan was making a creeking sound as it rotated round it’s axis, the air it gave was like still humid liquid, not pleasant at all, Chioma noted it as one of the issues to discuss with Dr Ismaila later, the patient she was attending looked frail and hopeless. ‘Mrs Badejo, how are you feeling … Continue reading Dark fantasies 6

Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets – Final Part

Andrew was standing between her and her front door. He had stopped walking towards her.  But the look on his face wasn’t the friendly one that she’d come to expect from the Portuguese man. Sade knew she needed to stay calm. But inside, her heart was doing somersaults. It didn’t help that the pain ravaging … Continue reading Naija Heels on Cobbled Streets – Final Part

Dark Fantasies 5

‘That’s okay for now.’ Faisal said and tried to collect the glass cup from Emily, she didn’t let go and forced the rest down her throat. ‘I’ve been bullshited.’ She grumbled. ‘It’s okay.’ He said and cradled her, he sniffed her hair and liked it. Opportunity comes but once, Faisal took this one to fufill … Continue reading Dark Fantasies 5

Unfulfilled Promises 12

The following day being Monday, Oleng had to go back to school. Her third term promotion exams were the following week but she couldn’t read. She kept remembering that night and that Eric was leaving in two days. She couldn’t tell Zinny and Marvy what transpired between Eric and her that night. It seemed too … Continue reading Unfulfilled Promises 12

Dark fantasies 3

Emily stepped out of her CLS Mercedes benz, the brash harmattan wind harassed her legs, she wished she could wear long or knee length skirts like Chioma but they were two different individuals, where as Chioma is gentle and calm, Emily is as fiery as chilli pepper, her temper hotter than the sun and wildness … Continue reading Dark fantasies 3