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Things That Leave Scars

******************************* Evelyn had her first experience yesterday. So today, when Besse visited- her smallish form propped up on a St. Luke’s bed- she had peered into her mother’s face- worry creases splayed up on her tender brows- and asked that same question Besse had asked her own mother, Evelyn’s grand-mother, when she was barely eight, … Continue reading Things That Leave Scars

The Scars Sing

  Happy endings which weren’t meant to be— As they were considered by the majority. Teardrops trailing feeble steps Bottled up memories never to have been kept. Setting suns and crescent moons Never enough light present to lift the gloom. Droopy eyes, wearied from sights unpleasant, Overcrowded heart with tragedies as tenants.   The heaviest … Continue reading The Scars Sing