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Vomiting Vile Visions

Vomiting Vile Visions

Fires fly as fire-flies fight away dreams of dark dragons. Mother made me make a Promise. Pray, play, pen poems She said. Surely, silence shall not save A boy bloodied in bed by biting bats. Taking tranquilizers to tame the tiny tyrants I quiver, quietly questioning my quagmire. Crying cannibals creeping from catacombs Come closer … Continue reading Vomiting Vile Visions

Mary Joe

The Portal

YEAR 1996 CE Udia was destined to give birth to the girl who would end the world. Her screams, intense and ear splitting as the shrill call of a banshee, reverberated through the corridors of the hospital. She flailed with impotent rage at the professional hands that guided the gurney down the length of the … Continue reading The Portal