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Mr Ant And  Mrs Mosquito Palaver

Mr Ant And Mrs Mosquito Palaver

Wetin my eyes see,my mouth nor fit talk. Oyinbo man go say “I was surprised”. My people, nor be everything wey eyes see,naim mouth dey talk. But this matter wey dey ground so, no be wetin mouth go keep quiet for. If I keep quiet even God go vex for me, yes He go vex … Continue reading Mr Ant And Mrs Mosquito Palaver

In His Shadows (2)

In His Shadows (2)

INT. EVENING. BEDROOM (Deola’s mother and father are arguing.. father prepares to leave the house) ALICE Why will you ignore my calls throughout the day? I called your office and your cell phone, but you didn’t respond.You didn’t even try to call back.Chris for Christ sake, you are my husband! Behave like it! CHRIS (continues … Continue reading In His Shadows (2)

Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

FADE IN: INT. A SITTING ROOM-MORNING A well furnished sitting room.Big enough with basic requirements for a middle class apartment. Sinach’s All things are possible is playing on the background stereo. DEOLA …(dressed in secondary school uniform, she is miming the song) …Mum where did you keep my school bag? (shouts at the top of … Continue reading Screen Play – In His Shadows (1)

Daybreak in Sambisa

Under the charred logs lay an embracing splendour… Flashback! Powers matched powers Our damsels are the ultimate Nature defends self Her allies descend from above There is Haram against Boko Many are slained… The carcasses, a testimony of Earth’s battle. Corpses on branches with Eyes Wide open Even death is scared too This is victory… … Continue reading Daybreak in Sambisa

Sambisa on Fire

Fire lights up the sky in Sambisa The forest is agog with strange sounds Eerie,abashing the wild. Rabbits seek refuge with Alligators Termites befriend earthworms Tonight Sambisa rages still. Pandemonium, as modern chariots Devour natures tranquility A paradox of cocky peace As letters are dispatched across the prairie… Strangers are becoming friends Unholy alliances brewing … Continue reading Sambisa on Fire

Sambisa forest

The approaching footsteps thumps, Drawing dust to disturb the peace of nature Like enraged men in turmoil, warring against tranquility Bearing the wombs of the future on the guillotine of lush plains Sambisa forest,welcomes unwanted visitors into her serene ambiance In slavery procession under the watchful eyes of mother moon Tears trail the young wombs … Continue reading Sambisa forest

Indigenous and Traditional Adaptations in Contemporary African Fiction

African fiction is the socio-political, historical and cultural documentation of the experiences of the African people; it reflects and refracts the goings-on in the society, as it is functional and committed to the course of liberation from the shackles of neo-colonialism. African writers cannot be separated from these realities and thus, they use the whole … Continue reading Indigenous and Traditional Adaptations in Contemporary African Fiction

Beauty Is Not That Masquerade

Beauty is not that masquerade With enlarge nipples and extended eye lashes Strolling down the road in low waist on mount Everest shoes Beauty is not that masquerade In skirts revealing thighs and flaps Painting imageries everywhere Like a reader left to make up Many elaborate meanings In a book by our own W.S Leaving … Continue reading Beauty Is Not That Masquerade

Ouevre La Porte!

Exams and joy reached a nexus As graduation calls echoes; On the belfry of Everest Booming shimmering sounds… And like a roaring hurricane, Hope speaks from its cocoon After eternal punctuating waits… Marching towards Phillipa, Penkelemes suddenly unleashed… Ouevre la Porte…Ouevre la Porte But God still pass them all… Whether S.U’s or A.U’s Etudiantes or … Continue reading Ouevre La Porte!



He danced as the crowd cheered him on. He danced the way he’d danced himself into the heart of this fair maiden whom he’d slept with, whom he’d got pregnant, whom he was dancing to marry, for whom he danced in shame, their secret acts laid bare as the village elders took the bride prize … Continue reading Dance



There she floats, brooding upon the surface of the airwaves, deep, a convincing conveyor of the spirits of the letters of the writs. And… there she gloats, aglow with the pride of a prince’s bride; dark of hide, yet ablush. Aflush with innocence, but… there she bloats at the mid-sec, full of seed and taut … Continue reading Lydia

Cold Haven

Cold Haven

The bridge was quiet, a haven of solitude; flowers – white, red, yellow and purple – clung unto tendrils that hung down from the stone arches which curved over the length of the bridge, arches that had been overgrown with crawling leaves; each leaf swayed in the gentle, yet biting rush of cold wind. He … Continue reading Cold Haven