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Timi, My Brother

Timi, My Brother   Timi did not die. No. How could they tell me that a boy of twelve, bubbly in the morning, was dead this afternoon? Was that the way people died? He had left for his own school before me. Sound. Students’ envy could be pernicious. Many of my classmates, in order to … Continue reading Timi, My Brother

I Return Soonest

I Return Soonest

“I return soonest…” Your parting words uttered long-long ago… Yet to them I fiercely cling, a succor against reality Mornings become noons days become weeks yet they ricochet in my heart… A mantra for me to chant, and shame this unbelief “I return soon…” But when, tell me, when? Weeks become months … months become … Continue reading I Return Soonest

Love Broke My Heart

She blossoms in dark places dark alleys, dark hallways… Not for her the brilliant light lest it bares faults best unseen Dark bedrooms, unlit corridors lovers grope in ‘llicit pleasure… Love, lust or ‘fatuation which it is, we just can’t say. Love is blind, faults stay unseen we blank our minds to sublime truths… Not … Continue reading Love Broke My Heart