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by Stephen Ajadi

In Their Eyes

IN THEIR EYES Three little kids Crunching on stale salted biscuits Barefoot, they padded along the crowded street Sweaty grime on hungry faces Empty tummies grumbling in hollow places Unseen by the world they line in So they created their own world and living With stolen planks for bed Beside the putrid sewage is where … Continue reading In Their Eyes

I Know A Lady

I Know A Lady

I know a lady, who stole a man’s heart, Whose eyelids lured his soul to knit. With skillful pains she captured his hymn. In a crater of lustful orchestral, They sang away in abundant laughter. But as dusk nears to dawn, When the moon’s protruding rays alight, Orgasm and ecstasy expressed passion. Again and again … Continue reading I Know A Lady