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  So its finally here, the Epilogue. Thanks so much for following the story from the beginning to the end. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Epilogue Detective Tega and Detective Sharon pulled to a halt and got out of the car. The bungalow which stood in front of them was simply built and green painted … Continue reading FAMILY SECRETS- The Epilogue


Hi everyone, #laughing# so we had our guess game over the week and i want to say a big thank you to everyone that participated. It was refreshing to know most of you followed the story and enjoyed it. Ehemm, the question that was asked was WHO KILLED ONAJITE OGHENERUNO? and the only person who … Continue reading FAMILY SECRETS 8- Part B

Family Secrets 6

    CHAPTER SIX “Like I said…I have nothing to say” Dafe retorted furiously as he began to climb the stairs up to the main entrance of the house. “But sir, it’s been rumored that your mother did not die of natural causes” the sternest of the three reporters that was swamping around him insisted. … Continue reading Family Secrets 6