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Her Man Palava-8

SHADE What doesn’t kill you has to make you stronger. She definitely did not prepare for the sight that befell her . She thought of all the things she could possibly do;maybe shout or cry,destroy his car,break his TV but instead, she felt this inexplicable calmness within her. She noiselessly retracted her steps to the … Continue reading Her Man Palava-8

Love Like A Fairytale (Finale/Episode 7: Farewell)

Episode 7: Farewell Its been three months now, and the court proceedings are still on going. Nkiru has been admitted willingly into a mental hospital and she attends the court’s trial sessions from there. Mama’s health has worsened and everyone has gotten to know that she has an inoperable cancer of the brain. Nneka’s husband … Continue reading Love Like A Fairytale (Finale/Episode 7: Farewell)

A hatchet, a pen, and a locket – Episode 4

  Episode 4: Ik is back He ran out of the hut, ‘nna Anyi, nna Anyi! where are you?’, he shoted, calling out for the old man. ‘I am where you left me’, the old man said approaching from the back of the hut. Ik heaved a sigh of relieve. ‘I do not understand what … Continue reading A hatchet, a pen, and a locket – Episode 4

How I met Mary, Again

It was one of those job-hunting days and I was running late for one bank job test like that, scheduled for 8:00am. Swiftly, I hurried out of the house and jumped into the first bus I stopped (then, Araba buses were still in vogue, blowing head bombs as horns and causing irrelevant traffics everywhere ). But fortunately … Continue reading How I met Mary, Again

Conversations I: The Good ones, never were [1]

The cry came without warning – the loudness of it, pierced the quiet of the night so sharply I had to depress the brake pedal of my car too quickly. The tires skidded and the car stopped; thankfully, no car was behind mine, but that cry – sharp and short, was troubling. I checked that the … Continue reading Conversations I: The Good ones, never were [1]

LIKE A DREAM (Episode 1)

George turned in his bed as the alarm buzzed on his Nokia phone; he picked up the phone lying on the rug, hissing and muttering under his breath “today is Saturday, why is this fucking alarm going off by 5:30am?” he pressed the stop button on his phone, scrolled down to ‘repeat alarm function’ and … Continue reading LIKE A DREAM (Episode 1)

Revenge: Digging Two Graves

Resentment is blinding. We are so bitter sometimes that it be-clouds our sense of reasoning, and that of judgment too. I had been used before, or so I thought, and for someone with my usual exceptional foresight I almost hated myself for having not seen this in advance. I was manipulated into satisfying her insatiable … Continue reading Revenge: Digging Two Graves